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Joe McLain, originally from Madison, Wisconsin, currently lives in Clarksville, Tennessee.  By trade, Joe works in the Information Technology field and has over 35 years of U.S. Federal Government Service including 20 years in the Army.


Joe is a self-taught, landscapist who works in Oil and Acrylic Mediums.  He was initially inspired to paint by watching a well-known PBS personality.  When his wife, Caryn, gave him a starter kit in 2017, he gave it a try.  By the summer of 2019, he had nearly given up painting due to frustration in the limitations of technique. So, he changed his painting style to allow for the use of more detail and began following several artists on youtube.  Since 2018, Joe has completed more than 600 works and is a member of the Downtown Artist’s COOP in Clarksville, Tennessee.  He received Best in Show at the Houston County Fair (Tennessee) and 1st Place Oil/ Acrylic at the 2022 Janice Mason Art Museum Biennial Art Show.


Joe is still a relatively new artist and continues to work diligently to expand his artistic ability. His focus is on sharing his works and he is always looking display his works in shows and exhibitions. Joe has led several workshops with family and friends, and he would like expand that to include more individuals.

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